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Double Cream Gouda


🧀 Description:
Double Cream Gouda is a luxuriously creamy Dutch cheese known for its smooth texture and rich, buttery flavor. This indulgent cheese is made with double the usual cream content, resulting in a decadent and velvety profile that melts in the mouth.

👄 Tasting Notes:
The Double Cream Gouda presents a luscious combination of sweet and savory notes. Its velvety texture delivers a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth experience, while the flavor profile boasts hints of caramelized butter, subtle nuttiness, and a gentle sweetness that lingers on the palate.

🍷 Suggested Wine Pairings:
Pair this Double Cream Gouda with a crisp Chardonnay to complement its creamy texture and enhance the buttery notes. For a red wine option, a medium-bodied Pinot Noir works well, offering a balance that complements the cheese without overpowering its delicate flavors. Additionally, a sparkling wine or Champagne can provide a refreshing contrast, cleansing the palate between each luxurious bite.

Double Cream Gouda
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