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Gorgonzola Mountain


A cow’s milk Italian blue cheese. Gorgonzola, Italy’s famous blue cheese, is traditionally made in two styles: this mountain variety, which is a “piccante”-style blue cheese, and a cremificato which is a “dolce”-style blue cheese. Gorgonzola Mountain has an earthy, piquant profile with bright notes of salt and distinct grassy undertones reminiscent of the valley pastures it comes from. Firm and sliceable, this blue is an ideal cooking cheese, lending itself to sauces and pastas. Try serving it up with a sweet white wine and briny snacks like Castelvetrano olives or pickled asparagus. Don’t forget to melt some of Gorgonzola on your favorite steak or crumble it on your favorite bowl of chili.

Gorgonzola Mountain
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