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Manchego 12 Month

Sheep's Milk Cheese

🧀 Description:
Manchego 12 Month sheep's milk cheese is a Spanish delicacy celebrated for its firm texture and nutty, buttery flavor profile. Aged for a full year, this cheese boasts a golden-hued, crumbly interior encased in a distinctive, rustic rind.

👄 Tasting Notes:
Indulge in the rich and savory experience of Manchego 12 Month as its dense texture melts in your mouth, releasing layers of complex nuttiness with hints of caramel and a subtle tang. The aging process imparts a delightful crystalline crunch, elevating the overall tasting experience.

🍷 Suggested Wine Pairings:
Complement the robust character of Manchego 12 Month with a bold red wine such as a Tempranillo or a Rioja. The cheese's nutty undertones harmonize with the fruity notes of a Chardonnay or the crispness of an Albariño for a refreshing contrast. For a more adventurous pairing, try a full-bodied Sherry or a Malbec to enhance the cheese's depth and bring out its nuanced flavors.

Manchego 12 Month
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