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Tartufo Pecorino

Sheep's Milk Cheese

🧀 Description:
Tartufo Pecorino is a luxurious and aromatic Italian cheese that boasts a unique combination of flavors and textures. Crafted from sheep's milk, this cheese is infused with the earthy essence of black truffles, creating a delightful marriage of savory and indulgent notes.

👄 Tasting Notes:
The Tartufo Pecorino unfolds a rich and creamy profile with a luscious texture. The robust sheep's milk base provides a savory depth, while the infusion of black truffles introduces a heady aroma and complex umami undertones. Each bite is a harmonious blend of nutty, earthy, and decadent flavors, making it a true sensory experience.

🍷 Suggested Wine Pairings:

Chardonnay: A full-bodied, oaked Chardonnay complements the creaminess of Tartufo Pecorino and enhances its buttery texture. The wine's subtle notes of vanilla and citrus create a beautiful contrast with the truffle-infused cheese.

Barolo: The bold and tannic characteristics of Barolo, a robust red wine from the Piedmont region, stand up well to the intense flavors of Tartufo Pecorino. The wine's dark fruit and earthy undertones harmonize with the truffle essence, creating a powerful and memorable pairing.

Vermentino: A crisp and refreshing Vermentino offers a delightful counterpoint to the richness of Tartufo Pecorino. Its bright acidity and citrusy notes cleanse the palate between bites, allowing the cheese's intricate flavors to shine.

Prosecco: For a sparkling option, Prosecco's effervescence provides a lively contrast to the creaminess of the cheese. The wine's subtle sweetness complements the truffle-infused profile, creating a celebratory pairing for special occasions.

Tartufo Pecorino
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