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z-Smoked Coppa

The Smoked Coppa is cut with a compact mass of red, characterized by the clear distinction between lean and fat parts that can vary from white to rosé. From the first free slice its strong sweet but pungent scent at the same time, a mixture of autumnal undergrowth and a delicate smell of smoke.
Perfect at the aperitif table or in the buffet of appetizers during the autumn and winter season, we suggest serving it as freshly cut slices on a cutting board along with other smoked products of our production such as Cream of Smoked Lard or Smoked Lard, Smoked Spread Bacon, Smoked Fillet and Smoked Lonzino (Smoked Aged Pork Loin). Accompany it from bruschetta of toasted homemade bread, pickles and pickles and some strands of pecorino cheese. In this regard, a PDO Tuscan Aged Pecorino or a Aged Pecorino Cheese in Hay and Straw is perfect. And water everything with rosé or fruity wines that “degrease the flavor” or for a more intense combination, even a full-bodied and structured red wine.

z-Smoked Coppa
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