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Crackin' Creations

Join us for an egg-citing culinary adventure where we'll explore the versatility and deliciousness of eggs!

In this hands-on class, you will learn essential egg cooking techniques as we whip up a mouthwatering kale and parmesan tartine topped with a perfectly poached egg—an indulgent breakfast treat. Then, we'll transport you to the south of France with our refreshing salad Nicoise, featuring vibrant greens, hearty vegetables, flaky tuna, and of course, a beautifully hard-boiled egg.

But that's not all! As part of our 'egg-sperimentation' demonstration kitchen, you'll have the opportunity to test scramble eggs three different ways—just egg, eggs with water, and eggs with milk—and discover the subtle differences in texture and flavor. Plus, we will master the art of cooking eggs in a pan, learning to prepare them over easy, over medium, and sunny side up, and even mastering the technique of flipping eggs like a pro chef!


Menu – Simple egg test kitchen (scrambled eggs w/ nothing, water, & milk; pan egg test kitchen, show sunny side up, over easy, and over medium), kale & parmesan tartine topped with a poached egg, salad nicoise w/ hard-boiled eggs.


What you will learn

 ·       Egg Cooking Techniques: Gain essential skills in cooking eggs through hands-on experience.

·       Perfectly Poached Eggs: Learn the art of poaching eggs to perfection for delightful breakfast dishes.

·       French Culinary Delights: Explore the flavors of the south of France with a refreshing Salad Nicoise.

·       Hard-Boiled Egg Mastery: Master the technique of preparing beautifully cooked hard-boiled eggs for salads and snacks.



 ·       Versatile Egg Recipes: Acquire versatile egg recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

·       Culinary Confidence: Develop confidence in cooking eggs through experimentation and practice.

·       French Cuisine Inspiration: Get inspired by the flavors and techniques of French cuisine for your home cooking.

·       Egg-Sperimentation: Understand the subtle differences in texture and flavor when cooking eggs using various methods.

·       Professional Egg Cooking Skills: Learn pro-level egg cooking skills such as flipping eggs with finesse like a chef. 


Cost - $ 80 Per Person

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations require a 3-day notice from the time of scheduled class for a full refund. Classes cancelled less than 3 days will be given a class or in-store credit. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled class time, each participant will only receive 50% refund as a class or in-store credit. (You must contact us by email or phone as we cannot guarantee a response via social media, Google, text, etc.)

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