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Albert Bichot, Fleurie La Madon


Beaujolais, France

🍇 Grapes: A quintessential Fleurie, Albert Bichot La Madone 2020 is crafted from the Gamay grape, showcasing the best of Beaujolais terroir. The vineyards' altitude and granite soils lend a distinct character to this expressive wine.

👃 Nose: The bouquet is a fragrant dance of florals and red fruit. Delicate notes of violet and iris intertwine with the enticing aroma of ripe red berries. A subtle touch of spice adds intrigue, inviting anticipation for the sensory journey ahead.

👄 Palate: On the palate, La Madone 2020 is a revelation of Fleurie's elegance. Bright red cherries and juicy raspberries take the lead, supported by a silky texture that gracefully envelops the taste buds. The wine's medium body and supple tannins contribute to a harmonious balance.

Finish: The finish is a lingering echo of the wine's vibrant personality. Clean and refreshing, it leaves behind a subtle memory of red fruit and a hint of mineral undertones. The enduring finish is a testament to the wine's craftsmanship and finesse.

🍷 Food Pairing: Pair this Fleurie gem with a variety of culinary delights. Its versatility shines alongside a classic cheese platter, enhancing the creaminess of Brie or Camembert. For a savory match, embrace the synergy with roast chicken, where the wine's acidity complements the poultry's flavors. A mushroom risotto finds an ideal companion in La Madone's earthy tones, creating a balanced and delightful pairing. Conclude on a sweet note with a mixed berry tart, allowing the red fruit flavors to dance alongside dessert.

🌟 Overall: Albert Bichot Fleurie La Madone 2020 epitomizes the charm and finesse of Beaujolais wines. From the captivating nose to the enduring finish, each sip is a journey through the vineyards of Fleurie. With its expressive fruit, floral nuances, and impeccable balance, this vintage is a true ambassador of the artistry behind Beaujolais winemaking. La Madone 2020 is not just a wine; it's an invitation to savor the elegance and vibrancy of Fleurie. This wine should be enjoyed within 5 years. However, for those who prefer more spicy wines it is possible to wait longer.

 Albert Bichot, Fleurie La Madon
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