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Alexander Valley Vineyards

Cabernet Sauvignon

Mendocino, CA

🍇 Grapes: Anderson Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is a testament to the classic varietal, predominantly sourced from meticulously tended Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards. Winemaker Kevin Hall added Merlot for structure, and Malbec and Petit Verdot for color.

👃 Nose: The nose of this vintage is a symphony of aromas, introducing earthy aromas of cassis, plum, and cherry. Subtle hints of cedar and a touch of vanilla from oak aging contribute to a complex bouquet that promises depth and sophistication.

👄 Palate: On the palate, the wine unfolds with a rich tapestry of flavors. Bold black fruit, including black cherry and plum, takes center stage. The palate is further enriched by layers of dark chocolate and a nuanced hint of tobacco. This Cabernet Sauvignon showcases a robust body with well-integrated tannins, creating a velvety and satisfying mouthfeel.

Finish: The finish is a lingering celebration of the wine's depth and structure. Silky tannins persist, accompanied by a touch of spiciness that adds complexity to the final act. As the flavors gracefully fade, a sense of satisfaction remains, inviting contemplation and anticipation for the next sip.

🍷 Food Pairing: Pair this Cabernet Sauvignon with dishes that complement its bold character. Grilled ribeye steak or a prime rib roast would be an excellent match, allowing the wine's robust fruit flavors to harmonize with the savory notes of the meat. For a vegetarian option, consider a hearty eggplant Parmesan, as the wine's structure can stand up to rich, tomato-based sauces.

🌟 Overall: Anderson Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is a standout expression of the varietal, reflecting both the pedigree of the grape and the distinctiveness of Anderson Valley's terroir. While fruit forward upon release, this wine will reward those with the patience to lay down a few bottles. From the enticing nose to the lingering finish, this vintage offers a symphony of flavors and textures. With its well-crafted structure and versatile food-pairing potential, it stands as a compelling choice for both the connoisseur and the enthusiast. A testament to the artistry of winemaking, this Cabernet Sauvignon invites you to savor the essence of Anderson Valley in every sip.

 Alexander Valley Vineyards
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