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Peyrassol, ‘Les Commandeurs’


Provence, France

🍇 Grapes: Peyrassol, 'Les Commandeurs' 2021

👃 Nose: The nose of the Peyrassol 'Les Commandeurs' 2021 is an aromatic journey through a Provencal garden. Fresh and lively, it opens with bright notes of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon, creating an immediate sense of summer. A delicate floral bouquet, reminiscent of white blossoms and a hint of lavender, adds an extra layer of elegance to the aromatic profile. The wine's nose is an invitation to savor the essence of the Mediterranean.

👄 Palate: On the palate, 'Les Commandeurs' 2021 exhibits a harmonious blend of fruit and freshness. Crisp red berry flavors, including strawberries and raspberries, dance on the taste buds, creating a refreshing and uplifting experience. The wine's mouthfeel is both vibrant and supple, with a touch of citrus providing a zesty brightness. A subtle minerality contributes to the overall balance, enhancing the wine's Provencal character.

⏳ Finish: The finish is clean, lively, and persistent, leaving a trail of red fruit and a hint of herbal freshness. The wine's invigorating finish makes it an ideal choice for warm summer days and al fresco dining.

🍷 Food Pairing: 'Les Commandeurs' 2021 is a versatile companion for a variety of dishes. Pair it with a classic Provencal bouillabaisse, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, or a light goat cheese salad. Its vibrant acidity and fruit-forward profile make it a delightful match for a range of cuisine.

🌟 Overall: The 2021 vintage of Peyrassol 'Les Commandeurs' captures the essence of Provencal rosé in a bottle. From its enticing nose to its refreshing palate and lively finish, this wine embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. 'Les Commandeurs' is not just a wine; it's an experience—a sensory journey to the sun-soaked vineyards of Peyrassol. Cheers to a rosé that brings the beauty of Provence to the glass!

 Peyrassol, ‘Les Commandeurs’
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