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Tackitt Family Vineyards

Petit Verdot

Paso Robles, CA

🍇 Grapes: Tackitt Family Vineyards, Petit Verdot 2019

👃 Nose: The Petit Verdot 2019 from Tackitt Family Vineyards opens with a captivating and aromatic nose. Aromas of violets and lavender immediately waft from the glass, creating a floral bouquet that is both alluring and distinctive. As the wine breathes, subtle hints of dark berries and a touch of spicy oak emerge, adding complexity to the aromatic profile.

👄 Palate: On the palate, the wine showcases the bold and expressive characteristics typical of Petit Verdot. Rich and full-bodied, it bursts with flavors of blackberry, plum, and dark cherry. The dark fruit core is complemented by nuances of black pepper, licorice, and a hint of cocoa. The wine's velvety texture and well-defined tannins contribute to a lush and satisfying mouthfeel.

⏳ Finish: The finish is impressive, displaying both power and finesse. The dark fruit flavors persist, and subtle notes of vanilla and cedar from the oak aging linger on the palate. The finish is long, allowing the wine's intricate layers to unfold gradually.

🍷 Food Pairing: This Petit Verdot is a bold and robust wine that pairs exceptionally well with equally bold dishes. Consider serving it alongside grilled lamb chops, a rich beef stew, or a hearty wild mushroom risotto. The wine's intense flavors and structure make it a delightful companion to hearty and flavorful cuisine.

🌟 Overall: Tackitt Family Vineyards has crafted an outstanding Petit Verdot with their 2019 vintage. This wine exemplifies the varietal's strength and elegance, delivering a sensory experience from the first sniff to the last sip. The Petit Verdot 2019 is a testament to Tackitt Family Vineyards' commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and character.

 Tackitt Family Vineyards
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