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Trinchero ‘Mary’s Vineyard’

Sauvignon Blanc

Napa Valley, CA

🍇 Grapes: Trinchero 'Mary's Vineyard' 2019 is a distinctive red wine crafted from carefully selected grapes. While the exact grape composition may vary, it likely includes varietals that thrive in the region, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or other Bordeaux-style grapes.

👃 Nose: The nose of this wine is an aromatic delight, offering an enticing blend of red and black fruit notes. Vibrant red cherry and ripe raspberry aromas take center stage, complemented by subtle hints of blackcurrant. A touch of vanilla and cedar from oak aging adds complexity, while delicate floral nuances contribute to the wine's elegance.

👄 Palate: On the palate, 'Mary's Vineyard' reveals a well-balanced and approachable character. The red fruit medley continues, with flavors of strawberry and plum joining the chorus. Silky tannins provide a smooth texture, enhancing the wine's overall drinkability. There's a delightful interplay between fruit sweetness and subtle oak influences, creating a harmonious and enjoyable tasting experience.

⏳ Finish: The finish is medium to long, leaving a trail of lingering red fruit and a hint of spice. The wine's finish showcases its finesse, making it suitable for both casual sipping and pairing with a variety of dishes.

🍷 Food Pairing: 'Mary's Vineyard' 2019 is a versatile wine that complements a range of dishes. Consider pairing it with grilled salmon, roasted chicken with herbs, or a classic Margherita pizza. The wine's approachable nature and lively fruit profile make it an excellent choice for diverse culinary experiences.

🌟 Overall: Trinchero 'Mary's Vineyard' 2019 is a delightful expression of the terroir and winemaking expertise. Its fruit-forward and well-balanced character makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an elegant yet approachable red wine. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a meal, 'Mary's Vineyard' is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of Trinchero Family Estates.

 Trinchero ‘Mary’s Vineyard’
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