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Claret, Matthews Winery

Bordeaux Red Blend

Columbia Valley, Washington

🍇 Grapes: A harmonious blend of classic Bordeaux varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, sourced from the renowned Columbia Valley in Washington.

👃 Nose: Enticing aromas of ripe blackberries, dark cherries, and subtle hints of cedar. The bouquet unfolds with notes of vanilla, complemented by a touch of tobacco and a whisper of violet.

👄 Palate: A luscious palate experience with layers of blackcurrant, plum, and a touch of raspberry. Velvety tannins provide structure, while well-integrated oak contributes to a silky mouthfeel. The wine expresses a beautiful balance between fruit-forward richness and refined elegance.

⏳ Finish: The finish is enduring and memorable, lingering with echoes of dark chocolate, a hint of baking spices, and a touch of espresso. The wine's depth evolves gracefully, inviting you to savor the moment.

🍷 Food Pairing: Perfectly complements hearty dishes like grilled ribeye steak or a savory lamb stew. The wine's robust structure stands up well to rich cheeses, making it an ideal partner for aged gouda or blue cheese.

🌟 Overall: Matthews Winery's 2019 Claret is a true gem from the Columbia Valley, offering a captivating journey through its expressive nose, luscious palate, and enduring finish. Its versatility in food pairings and the seamless integration of flavors make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a refined and memorable wine experience.

Claret, Matthews Winery
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