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Frappato, Bell'assai

Vittoria DOC, Sicilia

🍇 Grapes: Frappato

👃 Nose: Delicate floral notes dance with ripe red berries, offering an enticing bouquet that hints at Sicily's sun-soaked vineyards. Subtle hints of Mediterranean herbs and a touch of spice add layers to the aromatic experience.

👄 Palate: The palate is a symphony of freshness, with juicy red cherry and raspberry taking center stage. Silky tannins caress the palate, while a vibrant acidity adds a lively character. There's a nuanced herbaceous quality, reminiscent of wildflowers and a hint of black pepper.

Finish: The finish is gracefully persistent, leaving a trail of red fruit and a subtle herbal undertone that lingers on the palate, inviting another sip.

🍷 Food Pairing: Pair this Frappato with grilled swordfish, where its bright acidity complements the fish's richness, or with a classic Sicilian dish like Pasta alla Norma for a harmonious balance.

🌟 Overall: Bell'assai Vittoria DOC Frappato from Sicilia is a captivating expression of this indigenous grape, showcasing the region's terroir with finesse. Its lively fruit, herbal complexity, and elegant structure make it a delightful choice for those seeking a taste of Sicilian charm in every sip.

Frappato, Bell'assai
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