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Louis Jadot, Corton Les Greves, Grand Cru

🍇 Grapes: Primarily Pinot Noir grapes from the esteemed Corton Les Greves Grand Cru vineyard, meticulously cultivated to capture the essence of the terroir.

👃 Nose: An enchanting bouquet unfolds with vibrant red fruit aromas, dominated by ripe cherries, wild strawberries, and subtle floral notes. Delicate hints of earthiness and a touch of oak add complexity to the aromatic profile.

👄 Palate: A symphony of flavors dances on the palate, showcasing the finesse of red berries, complemented by nuances of blackcurrant and a whisper of spice. Silky tannins and well-integrated acidity provide structure, while a velvety texture adds to the wine's elegance.

⏳ Finish: The finish is enduring and memorable, lingering with a harmonious balance of fruit and a subtle minerality, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication.

🍷 Food Pairing: Ideal with dishes that match its complexity, such as coq au vin, roasted duck breast, or a classic beef bourguignon. The wine's structure pairs exceptionally well with rich, savory flavors.

🌟 Overall: Louis Jadot, Corton Les Greves, Grand Cru 2020 is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of its prestigious origin. With a captivating nose, a palate of intricate flavors, and a graceful finish, this wine is a testament to the artistry of winemaking. A true gem for those seeking a refined and memorable experience.

Louis Jadot, Corton Les Greves, Grand Cru
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